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Lathro - Financial Service Consultancy in Dubai

Lathro are a specialist financial services consultancy, based in Dubai and with partner offices in the UK and Cyprus. Our wide market coverage means that we can assist clients both in the domestic market and in the international arena.

About Lathro

Working in close partnership. Creating best possible solutions.

Every client relationship with Lathro starts by establishing what the funding requirements for the client are and once that is done we work in close partnership with our clients to make sure the best possible solutions are identified, and then put in place.

What We Do


There are many different types of finance available, and we help guide our clients through the maze, to find their best outcome. The primary areas we find most of our clients are seeking assistance with are
Term Loans by Lathro

Term Loans

A term loan is usually for a specific amount and has a specified repayment schedule.
Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans

A short-term finance option which “bridges” the financial gap between the purchase of one asset and the re-sale,
Developer Exit Finance

Developer Exit Finance

These loans are specifically used to support developers who have completed most, or all, of the work on a site and are

Buy To Let Loans

Buy To Let (BTL) loans work differently to standard loans, and BTL loans are geared
Development Finance by Lathro

Development Finance

A development loan is a short-term funding option, usually for a term of between 6 and 24 months,
Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is the name given to the various different ways a company can raise finance to purchase assets which


Smart Funding with Smart Ideas

The days of one size fits all for every funding requirement are gone as far as Lathro are concerned and with over 40 years experience in Financial Services that can be drawn on, and an in-depth knowledge of the wider financial services sector, we are perfectly placed to help our clients with achieving their future plans.


In-depth knowledge of Financial Sector


40 Years Experience in Financial Service


Bespoke Financial Solutions

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